Although Halloween is quickly approaching, there is no reason investing in real estate in October of 2022 should be spooky in any way. So don’t run and hide or slink into the shadows. The real estate game can be all treats and no tricks if you approach with strategy! 

While it may seem impossible to keep track of these constant changes, there are a few things real estate investors can keep in mind going into the month to better navigate the market having an idea of what to expect:

The buying race might be slowing down

While the second half of 2021 was characterized by an incredible level of demand from buyers (derived from lower mortgage rates), it is possible to see a decrease in said demand in October of 2022.This can be contributed to the normalization of the market, and result in more options for those looking to invest in real estate due to the reduced competition. 

Knowing when to let go

A return to a more stable market does not mean buying interest will stop altogether. Many potential buyers are still finding their footing in a post-pandemic world. Because of this, it is important for real estate investors to be prepared and jump at opportunities that present themselves to sell their properties (as long as it is under desirable conditions) even in cases where they hoped to keep the property for a longer term. 

“If you’ve meticulously planned the direction of your investments over the next five or 10 years, don’t let that plan keep you from profiting in an unexpected way” states David Crown, CEO and Founder of L.A. Property Management Group and Crown Commercial Property Management as he writes for Forbes.

A Market Snapshot

Going into October, real estate investors should remember that the market will continue to undergo major changes. A decrease in interest from buyers will result in more options for those interested in making purchases (although these may imply higher mortgage/interest rates). 

Finally, said change does not necessarily mean investors will struggle to sell their properties, but rather that the market is returning to a more stable state. Because of this, investors should be prepared to sell at the right price to prevent missing out on potentially large profits.

Happy investing! 


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A real asset is a tangible investment that has an intrinsic value due to its substance and physical properties. Commodities, real estate, equipment, and natural resources are all types of real assets. … Real assets tend to be more stable but less liquid than financial assets.

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