Fall is coming to a close in most of the northern U.S. and Canada. As Veterans’ Day and Remembrance Day pass, and winter weather comes, many people think that the real estate market is “dead.” It is most common to associate things like buying and selling a house with the spring and summer months. But for real estate investing, this time of year is as good as any to make decisions about what to do with your assets. Here is what you should know:

Impact of Winter on the Real Estate Market

It’s November, which means soon we will be entering that magical snowy wonderland known as the holiday season. As it turns out, winter is often cited as one of the best times to buy a home. The same can ring true for investment properties; there are fewer buyers on the market that it forces sellers to be willing to negotiate prices. However, the season does not have to be bad for sellers either. With less competition, you can better stand out.

Most seasonal changes in the real estate market affect places where the weather can grow cold and blustery fast. This is because it is a time of year where a lot of work deadlines, school commitments, and holidays roll around. That means this is a great time to start working on your investments!

Ways To Be Successful in Real Estate Investing

There are plenty of strategies that can improve one’s chances of success with real estate investment. 

  • One simple truth is that it is difficult to be successful by oneself: build connections and network, accept referrals, maybe even take on a partnership or hire a professional.
  • A lot of successful investors will cite understanding the market as the most important skill one could have. This involves always keeping up to date on trends, understanding risks and investing, and knowing your niche or local area.
  • Make a plan of attack. Half of the battle with investing is becoming organized and doing the right things in the right order. Always plan for the worst possible outcome, such as counting on the fact that there will be vacancies in rental properties.
  • Fix problems as soon as they come up, but don’t become too renovation happy. Decorating and staging are fine, but don’t spend your whole budget on them. Remember the most important parts to focus on are the structural problems, the foundations– things that might make a difference if they come up in the selling process.


There is so much to celebrate this fall. Why not add some real estate investments to the mix? The rewards you will reap will span seasons to come!


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Capital Gains

How would you like an investment where not only can you make a great return on your money, but you also pay less taxes on your profits? That’s what happens with real estate. When it comes to the capital gains you make on your properties, you are only charged tax on ½ of it. Compare that to interest you generate in a savings account… first of all, it’s miniscule and secondly, you are going to get whacked with taxes on the full amount that you earned

Another big PLUS on the side of real estate as an investment.

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